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How does interpretation differ from translation?

Translation refers to written work. Interpretation is its oral version.

Are there different modes of interpretation?

There are two main modes: Simultaneous and Consecutive

Simultaneous -- the interpreter speaks at the same time as the speaker. This mode is normally used in conferences, where the interpreters sit in booths and use special sound equipment.

Consecutive -- the interpreter speaks after the speaker. No special equipment is needed. Because the speaker and the interpreter repeatedly speak in turn, consecutive interpreting is much lengthier than simultaneous interpreting.

Why do Conference Interpreters work in teams?

There are international standards regulating our activity. These standards ultimately contribute to the success of your event. In accordance with these standards, interpreters always work in pairs for any event exceeding 1 hour in duration. Click here for more specific information.

How many Conference Interpreters do I need for my event?

As mentioned above, Conference Interpreters work in teams. You will need a team of 2 interpreters per language per every 6-hour day. Professional Conference Interpreters follow AIIC Professional Standards. Click here for more specific information.

What costs should I consider when hiring interpreters?

Payment of interpreters :

  • Normal rate up to 6 hours/day
  • Extra hours (up to 2): hourly rate + 25%

Cost of equipment rental for simultaneous interpreting:

  • Booth
  • Transmitters for interpreters
  • Receivers and headphones for attendees

Out-of-town interpreter expenses:

  • Travel expenses (return airplane tickets, mileage, etc.)
  • Travel time (in half-days)
  • Transport (airport<>hotel, hotel<>conference, etc.)
  • Hotel - 1 room/interpreter for the days of the conference days + 1
  • Per-diem

Does your team work in any language?

Although we are a team of Brazilian Portuguese interpreters, we can provide interpreters for virtually any language.


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