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Specializing in Conference Interpreting

About Us
In the last few years, Western Canada (Vancouver, BC; Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta) and the U.S. Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Washington; Portland, Oregon) have seen a major growth in the International Conference and Event industry, as well as in the business and executive training. Hence, there is an increasing need for professional interpreters.

Vancouver Interpreting fills the need for Interpreters for such events, providing the best team of interpreters in the region. We coordinate the services of interpreters working in several languages. Additionally, we provide written translation and other linguistic services.

It is our interest to support your event needs and provide you with a complete solution. We bring a wealth of knowledge to the table - years of experience, expertise and reliability. As Brazilian-Canadians, we are aware of the rewards and challenges of working across cultural borders and languages.

As language specialists, simultaneous interpreters, and written translators we have supported business, government agencies, and NGOs. To see a list of some of our clients, click here.

We are bondable and have worked in areas requiring high security clearance.

Additional support services include: court, community, health and escort interpreting; technical, medical, and business translation. Whatever your language or cross-cultural needs may be, we are ready to supply a most satisfactory solution.



Why do Conference Interpreters work in teams?

There are international standards regulating our activity. These standards ultimately contribute to the success of your event. In accordance with these standards, interpreters always work in pairs for any event exceeding 1 hour in duration. Click here for more specific information.